Welcome to Edge Rhythm Dancers, where the magic of dance comes alive for dancers of all ages!

At Edge Dance, we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and nurturing environment for beginners to explore the world of dance. Our Rhythm team is dedicated to fostering a love for dance, building lasting friendships, and creating unforgettable experiences through the art of movement.

Join us for an exciting journey as part of our Rhythm dancers program, specially designed for beginner dancers aged 5 years and up. Our focus is on performance, fun, and camaraderie, ensuring that every dancer feels supported and encouraged to shine on stage.

But it's not just about what happens in the studio. As a member of Edge Rhythm Dancers, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your talent in community performances and take center stage in our spectacular Spring and Holiday Recitals, where your hard work and dedication will be celebrated.

 Edge Rhythm Dancers also participate in one regional competition each season. It's a chance to challenge yourself, bond with fellow dancers, and experience the thrill of performing on a larger stage.

Contact us today to learn more about joining Edge Rhythm Dancers and unlocking your full potential as a dancer. Our Rhythm dancers' season kicks off in July, offering a perfect opportunity to start your dance adventure with us. Let's dance together and create beautiful rhythms of joy, expression, and artistry!