August 17th-18th
We are crazy excited about Lux coming into our studio this Summer for a two day convention. More details to come, but this is an event that your dancer will not want to miss!

Lux will provide our students with the absolute BEST in training, motivating, dance education and more. Not only does this the Lux team possess the technical and creative prowess to push dancers to new levels but they will do so from the comfort of our studio.

Their incredible faculty members will come to our studio to work with our students in a positive and familiar learning environment while also providing classes in styles such as jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. An industry Q&A at the end of the first day is provided to let the students hang out and chill with the LUX faculty where they are open to ask questions about pursuing professional careers, continued education i.e. college/university pursuit, training, the industry as a whole, branding/the business of dance, marketing and management and whatever else is on their minds! It’s a time to connect and the LUX faculty is here to bridge the gap and establish an open source of information for the students to learn.

At the end of the final day, the LUX Showcase is opened up to all friends and family to display everything the students have learned so you can see exactly what you invested in because experiences like these are not only about training, they are about investing in their future! Come and enjoy the show!

Open to dancers age 5yrs &up 
Anticipated schedule will be 10am-2:30pm
Styles: Jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop
Teaching Staff: TBA

Cost- $350 per Dancer
Space is extremely limited. Click here to register.